Welcome to Ocala’s premier Archery website. My name is Buster Stratton and I have been an archer since the mid 60’s. I teach archery basics and am a current NASP instructor. My friends and I would like to invite you to come learn our sport with us.


We offer both private and group rates for archery events in and around  Marion County. We teach Nasp style archery as well as traditional archery with both compounds and longbows or Recurves. In our group classes we have a backdrop that the arrows can not penetrate and have suitable targets either 3d style or cube style. Group rates are reasonable with 4 hours instruction, supplying all the equipment and the lesson itself for 15 or so students for $150. ages must be 7 years old and up in order to be able to draw the bow properly for safety reasons.


Private 1 on one lessons are available for any level archer from beginner to advanced.

1 hour class $30 if you have your own equipment.  $35 if we need to supply equipment (bow , 3 arrows, range and target) client is responsible for arrows at replacement cost only.






We teach archery fundamentals and advanced archery we also set up for special events Church outings and after school programs like the 21st century program here in Ocala. We offer individual instruction and do our best to make you into a better archer. We enjoy hunting and fishing with our bows and  teach others to also enjoy the outdoors. Check out the lessons link for pricing information.

I also work with handicapped individuals so they also may enjoy this sport right up to building specialized archery equipment for the handicapped archer. One of our partners is Hickory Creek Archery which can help in 99% of situations Jerry and his team have kept the dream alive for many archers you should visit his website and watch his many youtube videos and see where inspiration comes from. His website is linked below.





We use all types of equipment to teach with, from simple fiberglass bows to complicated compounds and crossbows. If you have just purchased a bow please bring it if you don’t  have one then we will provide you with one that fits your archery needs and strength. Just call to set up an appointment. We also teach crossbow and crossbow safety so if this is your first crossbow or handicapped bow let us help you make this a great experience.



Contacting us is simple just fill in the form below thank you for your interest

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